So I have been on Atkins for about 9 days now. I have lost 5.2lbs. I expect it to be more, but yay starting my period right?

Even in losing 5lbs, my foot problem I have been having is feeling better, so I would give it about 3 more pounds and I can start running again, very slowly at first of course.

I have 1 month to get below 300 again. I think I can do it, now that I am feeling better I can exercise as well.

….I hate running in the cold

….I hate running in the cold

Oh god, the hunger got to me and I pigged out.
I mean, at least is was on low carb food, so I topped off at 22 carbs for the day, but I ate like 2100 calories when I had been eating 1600 a day. Hopefully it does not hinder my weight loss too much.

I need to finish reading the book this weekend..

Day 4 of Atkins.
I have lost 3lbs

I was super hungry last night, but after looking at my calorie count I understand why, I had inadvertently eaten less that 1200 cal for the day, whoops.

I just had like an extra pork chop last night and was fine.

I am getting a better hang of modifying my diet, and am down to 1 atkins product for a snack and their frozen meal for lunch. (Which btw, except for the shakes and meal replacement bars are all super yummy!)

Yummy food makes this diet easy to follow. The only thing I am craving like mad is curry.

I have a unhealthy love of curry

I am going to attempt an atkins phase 1 curry this weekend..

So my doctor has asked me to try a few more things before we resort to getting surgery for weight loss, on of them being Atkins.

She had been reading some studies and beleives it will help.

3 days in and I have already lost 1.5 pounds.

She says there are a few experimental things to try in regards to the PCOS. So that is exciting.

Going to be a crazy month

Jus finished day 2 of Atkins.
So far so good, but I do crave curry with rice. I have promised myself if I can stick to it to a T for two weeks I could do some curry w/o rice on our trip to the con.

I just want to get my weight under control. At that point I will know its ok to reintroduce the things like sushi and such in moderation.

I am going in for a consultation on getting a Lap Band next month. I told the fiance I just need help.

People I have told so far say I am trying to “Take the easy way out.”

Easy way?

I have a BMI of 48.

I run 5ks

Even with a personal trainer twice a week I didn’t drop below 295.

I eat about 1600 calories a day

I have been on Atkins, and South Beach, and any of the most reasonable diets recommended for pcos.

I have had a doctor to my face say: “you are depreseed because you are fat but I cannot put you on depression meds because they will make you fatter.”

I Walk on my lunches and breaks….hell my gym is right below my office.

I have struggled and fought PCOS every step of the way.

I am not taking the easy way out.

I am a desperate person grabbing at straws watching my life crumble around me in a shattering depression.

So my tumblr is being wonkey, and it unfollowed people I wanted to keep, and wouldn’t let me unfollow the blogs I didn’t want to anymore. Oh well. Should be happy to have a computer again. Lol.

Want this!

Want this!

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